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You are entitled to benefit from Revenue Quebec's reimbursement program for private daycare costs. This program provides between 26 %and 76% of your fees, disbursed on a monthly basis.

Here are a few examples

Family annual income of: 50 00075 000100 000125 000150 000
At our daycare per day: 8,7510.0011.0311.5518.92
Subsidized spots per day: 8.008.0011.4114.4120.00

*The amounts given serve as a reference point only and are based on 35$ a day fees.

For close to the same cost, per day, you will receive personalized services and advantages that you would not receive elsewhere

Mission & Orientation

Located in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, on the South Shore, Le paradis des petits is a daycare that strongly believes children are our most precious resource and the very basis of our future. This is why we give them our undivided attention and care. We also know they all have what is needed to learn, grow and progress, provided they have the right environment.

Education value
Our approach is based on a very real respect for your child’s needs and ability to learn and discover the world around him/her.

We believe that a loving and reassuring environment is the best foundation from which to learn. The main objective of our devoted and qualified staff is to provide the environment your child needs to develop a strong sense of self confidence. In addition, we encourage your child to identify and develop his/her own personal interests along with the ability to learn how to express himself/herself.

We believe that respect must be at the core of human relations. This is why we insist strongly on such respect between all parties involved, the administration, the educators, the parents and the children.

Autonomy, based on capability and age
Because children are ultimately the masters of what and how they learn, we encourage them to develop their autonomy by providing an environment that stimulates them, physically and mentally. We encourage them to solve problems and to use their imagination in developing new games and in finding new ways to accomplish different tasks.

Self Esteem
Developing the right attitude as early as possible promotes confidence and self-esteem. We believe that your child is multi-dimensional and that he/she develops through interactions with the environment. To help develop self-esteem, we must not only recognize that but also consider the learning abilities of each child, as it applies in our daily activities.

The natural curiosity of children is the engine that drives them to discoveries. They are naturally curious and interested in all that surrounds them and that curiosity contributes to their creativity, thus bringing them joy, self-satisfaction and a thirst for new challenges

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14 - 5 yearsAugust 2023